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A good introductory article:

"Some Lessons from the History of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)" (Version 2, August 4, 1996)


Morgantown (1972-2003) (WVU College of Engineering - Boeing): 

Cabinenlift - (Ministerium für Forschung und Technologie + Demag and MBB (Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm )):


CVS (1970-1978)
(Toyo Kogyo, Mitsubishi Jukogyo, Tokyo Shibaura Denki, Hitachi Seisakusho, Fujitisu, Sumitomo Denki Kogyo, Nippon Denki and Shin-Nihon Seitetsu.
The CVS Project was managed by a team from Tokyo University and MITI. )

KRT - Kobe Personal Rapid Transit (ca. 1971-1975) (Shinko Electric Company, Nissho-Iwai and Kobe Steel, Ltd):

ROMAG (ca.1968-1976) (Rohr Corporation - Boeing):

Cabinentaxi (1970-1983) (Ministerium für Forschung und Technologie + Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm (MBB) and Demag):

Aramis (1967-1987) (Automatisme et Technique, MATRA, RATP- Régis des Transports Parisiens):

Raytheon (1993-2000) (Raytheon + Northern Illinois Transport Authority, Chicago)
foto 1996:
'PRT passes reality test' (1998 )

ULTra (2003) (University of Bristol) :

Taxi2000 Corp. : SkyWeb Express

The forerunners of Taxi2000 Corp. was Anderson MacDonald Inc. and then ATS (Automated Transit Systems, Inc), the US representative for the German system Cabinentaxi during 1973-1983. (Raytheon Missile Systems Division decided to license Cabinentaxi but in the end they retreated to core business).
Taxi2000 Corp. was established 1983 and co-operated extensively with the large engineering company Stone & Webster. Together they made an extensive report that mapped technical problems for PRT (1986) ( )
In the 90s, Taxi2000 co-operated extensively with Woo Bo Engineering (through the present employee/partner in Taxi2000, Raymond McDonald) in Korea and the Skycar Project (ca. 1992-1997):

Taxi2000 Corp. was the the main partner for Raytheon (1993-2000) in the construction of the Marlborough test track (Boston).

In addition Taxi2000’s employees have extensive experience from e.g. NASA, Honeywell.
Taxi2000’s new functioning prototype (2003) is based on the above experience:

Related systems
and systems which have not yet acquired the status of being tested in practice, exist in abundance.

Advanced Transit Association :
Innovative Transportation Technologies (Seattle University) :

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