for the Fornebu PRT project



Illustrations by SkyweExpress :


Fornebu network layout 

(APM here means traditional monorail. PRT is 'taxibane' or 'sportaxi' in Norwegian )


Public plan of track layout for APM , now with only single track from Fornebu Senter to Norske Skog

APM area coverage for residents in 2015


Public plan of track layout for APM , now with a new diversion down to the Rolfsbukta ferry station and tunnel through Lagåsen

APM with metro connection to Oslo

Public plan for the region, with alternatives for APM, tram and metro

Suggestion for PRT network layout - Traffic illustration - Rush hour - all by Telenor


Picture of PRT computer simulation - with Traffic density - indicated with size of symbols

Guide :
Station # 1 is Lysaker, # 7 is Telenor, # 12 is Norske Skog, # 15 is Lilleaker, #20 is Godthåb, #22 is Skøyen, # 23 is Rolfsbukta, # 25 is Stabæk, etc.

- both by Dr. Tech. Ingmar Andreasson , LogistikCentrum

Fornebu sketch for PRT - for the above simulations

Public plan of track layout for APM/ tram

Maps and photos of Fornebu

Public Map - high resolution

Photo of the Fornebu area directly from above - facing south (copyright Telenor a.s.)

The Fornebu area - as planned - towards downtown Oslo  - facing north (copyright Telenor a.s.)   

As it was:

Close-up photo of the abandoned Fornebu airstrip - towards downtown Oslo - facing north (copyright Telenor a.s.)  


A serial of good illustrating pictures showing the point of area demand:

Tip : Open all the below pictures in a row and surf along them as in a movie. The effect is most enlightening.
- If you imagine the PRT system elevated as well, the positive effect for the human and animate environment should be obvious.

A: With a nice flow you get 1000 vehicles per lane 
B: Each vehicle contains on average 1,2 person
C: The passengers in reality need a minimum of space
D: A PRT system needs little space, and passengers may read, work or simply enjoy the ride
E: The missing last picture with an elevated structure and restored nature below ... was finally made by Lars Endre Kjølstad

From: William A. Wilde (1996), The Simple, Compelling Case for PRT, International Conference on PRT and Other Emerging Transport Systems, Minneapolis. The text for each of the pictures is written by Jan Even Evensen, Norway


Older material - from the SporTaxi project in Oslo :

Illustrations - Documents