a consultancy dedicated to
inno-vative trans-formation

- regarding, in particular,
innovative transportation networks


national economic transformation
based on creditary principles

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Project sites

Taxi21 - PRT in Norway - Brochure
GTS - A General Transport System


Our Articles
in Samferdsel  - the main Norwegian national transport journal

Kollektivtrafikken: Fra pengesluk til pengemaskin? (Nov. 2006) i.e. Public Transit - White Elephant or Money Maker? 
(Urban PRT, automated & guided individual transport, called "taxibane" or "sportaxi" in Norwegian)

Høyhastighetstog er gammeldags: Sats på GTS (Nov. 2007) i.e. High Speed Rail is Old Fashioned - Go for Modern Technology: GTS
(i.e. PRT on a national scale, intercity)