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From Jerry Schneider's pages:

Planning and Deployment Issues, Methods and Information Resources:

The Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) Ongoing Debate Page:

Dualmode Debate Page:

PRT Conference Paper Titles and Authors - Links to Abstracts and Contact Information:

Abstracts of Some of the Papers Presented at the PRT Conference 1996:

Resources, at Transit-Focused Development:

Ed Anderson's Collection of Papers (click Publications on the upper left hand):

Martin Lowson's Papers:

Papers by ATRA Members:

Modern Transit Society articles and position papers:

A Review Of PRT compiled by Sheila Hawkins :

Monorails & Peoplemovers Transportation of the Future...Today, by Danielle J. DeBlois:

Reason Foundation, on Transport:

#79 of the Global Futures Bulletin. See the first article on smart cities

Private Capital for Public Works: Designing the Next-Generation Franchise for Public-Private Partnerships in Transportation Infrastructure by John Christopher Kopp :



Sorry, not much here on PRT, APM, AGV, ITS etc....
(-after the techno-optimistic and  modernistic post-WW II period innovation became a foreign word regarding transport, everywhere, it seems)

But finally one by Norconsult A.S in Oslo: 
This is the following up on a very preliminary report from 1997, which was more oriented towards traditional trams:

1971: Trafikal og økonomisk vurdering av 'sportaxi' i Trondheim, by Ludvigsen, Øystein, Hovedoppgaver ved institutt for samferdselsteknikk, Hovedoppgaver på 70-tallet , 1971: 83: 


Førerløse tog på vej frem - Ingeniørennet


Innovativa Kollektiva trafiksystem. Kunskapsöversikt. Ingmar Andrasson, KFB-Rapport 2000:69, 52 pages: ("Innovative Public collective transit systems - an overview")

Spårtaxi. Et effektivt och hållbart trafiksystem. Analyser av en pilotbana i Stockholm - marknad och ekonomi. KFB-Rapport 1999:4 (Kommunikationsforskningsberedningen, Stockholm) by Transek & LogistikCentrum. 130 p. A summary in English:

Spårtaxi - ett lämpligt transportsystem för svenska tätorter?  Ingmar Andréasson, KFB-Rapport 1998:13 (Kommunikationsforskningsberedningen, Stockholm) 47 p. In English: PRT - a Suitable Transport System for Urban Areas in Sweden:

A few documents on "spårtaxi" are available from the Regionplane- och Trafikkontoret, Stockholm, Se especially: 7:97 Pilotbana med spårtaxi. 90 p.

Spårtaxi i Göteborg (Chalmers Tekniska Högskola):

A video on: PRT System in Swedish Towns - Conditions given by and consequences for town structure and townscape (by Chalmers Tekniska Högskola):

TFK - Institutet för Transportforskning, Stockholm & Chalmers, Göteborg, 1992:7 Spårtaxi för persontransporter: 83 p.

A social cost-benefit analysis of a Personal rapid transit (PRT) system in central Gothenburg:

1970: Spårtaxi i Göteborg. 

Switzerland/ Great Britain:  

MAIT int. (Modular Automated Individual Transport):
"Alternative Transportation Simulation Software, Specifications and Architecture":


See the above links to articles, such as:
Planning and Deployment Issues, Methods and Information Resources:


The Presidents Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection:

TEA-21 - Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century :

Jane's Information Group -- the well respected source of accurate, objective information on military and civilian technologies -- published just this spring a special report entitled "The World Market for Automated People-Movers".  Researched and compiled by Boston-based planner-journalist Lawrence J. Fabian, the report contains
        - a quantitative overview of world APM accomplishments
        - a frank description of today's urban transit marketplace
        - 10-year APM market forecasts in transit, institutional and architectural realms
        - world-level listing of current APM suppliers and consultants
        - a glossary of APM-related terms
For further information, contact Karine Bach at (44-181) 700-3787, or email her at .  You can also visit

Popular Articles & Diverse

See also news from Norsk Sportaxi above: News .

International news :

The most informative newssite on PRT is due, as usual, to Jerry Scheider:


June 10th 2000, NY Times article on SkyTran is on the web at:

April 24th,1999: New Scientist on Dual-Mode Vehicles:

Jan 15th,1999: Aftonbladet, Stockholm: Ta spårtaxi til ditt jobb ("Take a PRT to your job"):

1996: Raytheon and Illinois to Invest $38 Million in Taxi 2000 PRT. Article in Research Review:

Ross Sound: A short movie of sportaxi in Stockholm (Quick-Time format):

Bernard Architects: Är det här Linköping år 2002?

Visual Intrusion Study of PRT Guideways in Gävle, Sweden: