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Fornebu and Oslo

Development of the Fornebu area

The Parliament Hearings Feb 7th 2000 to decide between the two remaining bidders:

Bærum Kommune's Fornebu pages (With various important municipal documents related to Fornebu):

(The national newspaper) Aftenposten's pages on Fornebu:


Statsbygg (meagre pages related to Fornebu):

Oslo Municipality (few documents of less interest - search for "Fornebu"):

Bidders for the development of the IT-related part of the Fornebu area :

The two remaining bidders were:

1) The merged group, IT-Fornebu Technoport: - preferred by the majority opposition.

2) The "Nettverk Fornebu" Group - preferred by the minority government

The original bidders were:

1) IT-Fornebu:

2)  International Education Centre, Norge: Framtidsbyen Invest:

3) Technoport: (Forskningsparken/ KLP Eiendom AS)   (press release):

4) The "Nettverk Fornebu" Group:

a) Storebrand AS:
b) Orkla AS:
c) Hakon-gruppen:

5) Science & Technology Park Services Ltd., Irland

6)  Enterprise Holding Company, Sveits

7) Verdens Fredsfond, Norge.

Development of Oslo's infrastructure

Including the "new" development areas, Bjoervika, Lodalen, Ensjoe, 

- for public documents, see below under "Government Documents"