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- A General Transport System

Bubbles and Beams - Solar    Bubbles and Beams 1    Bubbles and Beams 2   


You Tube video    quicktime

PRT simulation in Trondheim, Norway (2008)
This JAVA based simulation is made by student Erik Grønvold under the supervision of Trond Andresen
(as a illustration of Skytran).  Set the speed ('hastighet') to 5 x and hit 'start'. Then you will see motion.

SkyWeb Express

System Animation (13 mb)
(watch this one to get a grasp of the simple logic of the system technology)

KARE News TV report (11 mb) - June 23rd 2003

Boarding (7,7 mb real)    Scaled Down Alpha Model (5,4 mb)

  Introductory Video
  • 3D Video animation
  • Narrated
  • 2:24 Minutes
  • 39.9mb mpeg


  Microsoft Campus Video
  • 3D Video animation
  • Narrated
  • 3:40 Minutes
  • 63.5 DivX
  KARE 11 TV - Local News
Minneapolis, MN
Product Launch
April 10, 2003
  • 2:20 Minutes
  • 55.4mb mpeg


  FOX 9 TV - Local News
Minneapolis, MN
Minnesota State Fair
September 1, 2003
  • 1:36 Minutes
  • 16.3mb mpeg



For up to date videos :

Historical Videos

PRT history (7 mb wmv format)

In the 1990s..
after winning several competitions for innovative transit solutions,
Taxi2000 was a partner with Raytheon Company in building the PRT2000 prototype
and the Marlborough PRT test track outside Boston USA.

Chicago RTA (Regional Transit Authority) intended to install a system at Rosemont,
by the new Chicago O'Hara airport, but the final Raytheon design failed to get approval.

Rayheon PRT2000 (32 mb)
PRT2000 clip (11 mb)
Cincinatti Taxi2000 control system animation (2,1 mb)

Around 1980 +/-
the core people of Taxi2000 were US representatives of the Cabinentaxi PRT technology,
developed in Germany (which also Raytheon looked into extensively).

After its close, Taxi2000 was founded and developed the concept further,
e.g. by including the main guideway characteristics of the 2nd German test track at Dortmund : , i.e. an acronym for "hanging track", finished 1984

H-Bahn (110 mb DivX, shot in 1995) clip (7 mb)

- The 3rd German test project of the 1970s was M-Bahn, an urban maglev system in Berlin)

See also the Cabinentaxi website

CabinenTaxi test track in Hagen, Germany, 1972 (1969→1983) (34 mb)
CabinenLift hospital track in Bremen, Germany, 1977→ (28 mb)


Spårbilar - kommer dom i tid (ca 5 min)


You Tube video     quicktime     NRK-Norway (2007-11-15)


test track videos

2002   2003   2004 (ca. 3 mb each )


Test track in Uppsala, Sweden (2007)

Animations from Fornebu, Oslo
(when the test track was being planned there in 2002-2005)


Austrans have made several good animations to show how their PRT vehicles fit into :

- road and street traffic (3 mb)
- a shopping centre (1,6 mb)
- a railroad station (1,5 mb)

Austrans' PRT vehicles contain up to 9 persons, and are therefore 3 times larger than Skyweb Express, but the animations are nevertheless elegant and illustrative.

Cut from Discovery Channel's program "Subways in America": Cybertran (8,8 mb)


PRT 'Taxibane' TV report and interview with Göran Tegnér
on Sweden's national channel SR2, Oct. 30th 2004 (8,4 mb)

Vectus test track in Uppsala, Sweden (8,9 mb)


TV Report on SporTaxi PRT model ABTV (11 mb )
using Austrans' video clip - on the Norwegian local Asker og Bærum TV, Oslo - June, 1999

TV2 Report on Sportaxi PRT project
on the Norwegian national TV2 and TV Norge channels - March, 2000

Lars Endre Kjølstad's video clip PRT Fornebu with SWE cabins (8 mb in wmv format) (2004)
A smaller version (1,9 mb)


Tokyo Monorail (14,3 mb - DivX format)
(from National Geographic - Tokyo Teleport Town)

'Scare videos'
(noisy, ugly, - dangerous for other travellers and/or area-demanding)

Light rail in Montpelier, France
(0,9 mb, Quicktime format)
Traditional Monorail in Seattle (14 mb - 'starring' Sylvester Stallone)
Cartoon : The Simpsons : Marge vs. The Monorail (26 mb)

Older material - from the SporTaxi project in Oslo :

Illustrations - Documents